CBD or Cannabidiol has given rise to numerous products that contain its extract. Its potent medicinal powers are much sought-after since it hardly has side effects, and does not cause addiction at all.

A Cannabidiol Oil-Based product that is slowly rising in popularity is CBD Beer. Some variants have alcohol, while some do not. CBD Beer is a sought-after brew since it does not cause hangover at all.

No better nightcap than unwinding with CBD-infused beer.

CBD Beer does not cause hangover since its relaxing effect on the body, counteracts the alcohol’s impact on a person’s system. The mitigating effect is caused by Cannabidiol’s ability to lower blood-alcohol levels upon ingestion. Moreover, what is excellent about drinking CBD Beer is it is not only a relaxing alcoholic beverage, it can also be therapeutic. The medicinal properties of Cannabidiol Oil Extract do not decline when added to an alcoholic beverage like beer.

And with its medicinal properties continuing to take effect even in the form of a social liquor, more and more people are getting interested in trying the brew. Here are some of the CBD Beers that are available in the market:

1. Lowdown Lager. It is a craft beer brand launched in the United Kingdom by craft beer company Hop & Hemp. The beer is infused with eight milligrams of Cannabidiol per 330-milliliter bottle. And since it does not contain much alcohol, it is safe to consume a couple of bottles. It promises the ultimate relaxation minus the debilitating headache and hangover the next day. Those experiencing mild or chronic pain can find relief, too, so what is not to love?

2. High-Flyer. The High-Flyer was launched in the United Kingdom, and it contains ten milligrams of Cannabidiol Oil Extract in every bottle. The manufacturers emphasize that the Cannabidiol Oil or Hemp CBD For Sale Online they used in their beers are high quality and will surely give way to the relaxing effect CBD is known for. Green Times Brewing produces it, and producers say they came up with the idea of infusing the beer with Cannabidiol so that the alcoholic beverage can finally become beneficial to the health. They say that beers are notorious from draining nutrition away from the body, but by infusing CBD, nutrients can get into the shape while relaxing with a cold bottle.

The manufacturers assure that their product does not have tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the main ingredient that makes Cannabis a mind-altering drug. Green Times Brewing ensures that their beers do not have psychoactive components and that it will not leave the drinker feeling stoned or high. Concerning its flavor, it has a hint of citrus given its claim of all-organic ingredients.

3. Grasshopper Pale Ale. Grasshopper Pale Ale is another CBD-infused beer brand launched in London. It contains five milligrams of Cannabidiol Oil Extract per 330-milliliter bottle. According to its manufacturer, Gorgeous Brewery, they merged the vast knowledge and experience of CBD experts in coming up with their product. They promised the consumers a unique brew that has the advantages of the plant-based supplement. The manufacturer is optimistic about the continuing interest and patronage of their products.

4. George Washington’s Secret Stash. This brand of CBC-infused beer has netizens raving over it. Available only in Colorado due to state regulations on Cannabidiol Oil infused Alcoholic beverages, this brand boasts of all-natural ingredients and a high concentration of CBD per pint. It contains about 4.2 milligrams a pint and promises that its patented formula is worth the trip to the state where it is manufactured and available. Unfortunately, George Washington’s Secret Stash is not possible over the internet but can be physically bought in its outlets in Colorado.

5.   Two Flowers IPA. This beer brand is available in Oregon and contains 5 milligrams of Cannabidiol Oil Extract per pint. According to its manufacturer, Coalition Brewing, their CBD-Infused beer makes use of all-organic ingredients that makes their brew light, crisp, a bit bitter, yet still very refreshing. It takes pride in being Oregon’s state’s first CBD-infused beer and promises every consumer the fantastic benefits of CBD while having a relaxing bottle of beer.

How Cannabidiol Helps in Relaxation

What is great about CBD Oil and beer is that both substances are geared towards relaxing the consumer. The only difference is that the alcohol in beer may alter the mind and get one person drunk while Cannabidiol can provide relaxation without changing a person’s consciousness.

So how does Cannabidiol oil helps in relaxing people? The cannabinoids found in CBD Oil taps a person’s Endocannabinoid System, which in turn produces relaxing benefits. CBD Oil is so relaxing that even a person with anxiety can calm down. It also influences the production of Serotonin, which is the body’s feel-good hormone.

It is an excellent relaxation aid because it does produce side effects that are common to pharmaceutical drugs. It is also non-addictive since it does not contain THC. Moreover, it is an effective sleep treatment for those whose minds race at night. It relaxes their mind and body and helps them stay asleep until their body has rested and fully recovered.

For the reasons cited above, it is no wonder that beer manufacturers have thought of coming up with a product that is infused with Cannabidiol Oil extract.  Beer will be all the more relaxing and fun to have when unwinding when infused with the numerous health benefits of Cannabidiol Oil.